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The River: Mackay in the Nineteenth Century, by Clive Moore 

Esteemed historian and academic Professor Emeritus Clive Moore and the Mackay Historical Society and Museum Inc have collaborated to present the full text of The River: Mackay in the Nineteenth Century.

Prof. Moore was born in Mackay in 1951 and graduated from James Cook University with an Honours degree in history in 1973 and a PhD in 1981, both based on the Mackay district. He is now a Professor Emeritus at the University of Queensland where he worked for 28 years before retiring in 2015 as McCaughey Professor of Pacific and Australian history. Prof. Moore has published extensively on Mackay and Australian South Sea Islanders, New Guinea and Solomon Islands, and Australian masculinity and sexuality.

The River is primarily about the history of the valley of the Pioneer River in the second half of the nineteenth century, and the urban settlement that became Mackay. No other history of the region has provided as large a First Nations and pastoral context. He explores the origins of early colonists, and what life was like at a domestic level, which is too often neglected.

The River has an Introduction, 14 chapters and a bibliography. It offers an overview of the second half of the nineteenth century—the crucial decades for the formation of the settler society based on the sugar industry.

Charles Rawsons watercolour of Port Mackay.jpg

The River includes a photo essay by Marion Healy (née Fatnowna) who is a  Australian South Sea Islander, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman and member of the Mackay community.

Introduction, including The Pioneer River in the Twenty-First Century: A photographic essay by Marion (née Fatnowna) Healy, 2010s–2020s

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Section 1: The Beginnings

Chapter 1 Yuwibara:
The River People


Chapter 2
The Promised Land 

chapter 2.jpg

Chapter 3 John Mackay: Founding Father

capt john mackay.jfif

Chapter 4 Pastoral Beginnings in the Valley


Chapter 5 Domestic life on Pastoral Stations


Section 2: Pastoralism, Truth-Telling and Sugar

Chapter 6 Truth-Telling
and the Frontier


Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Sugar Entrepreneurs

chapter 6a_edited.jpg
chapter 7b_edited.jpg
chapter 8a_edited.jpg

Section 3: Islanders, Central Mills and Mackay

Chapter 9 Kanakas: The
Pacific People Trade 

Chapter 10 Farms and
Central Mills 

Chapter 11 Melanesian 
Society in the Valley 

ch 9_edited.jpg
chapter 10_edited.jpg
chapter 11_edited.jpg

Chapter 12 Founders of the
South Sea Island community

Chapter 13 Port Mackay 

Chapter 14 Sugar City 

new ch 12_edited.jpg
chapter 13_edited.jpg
chapter 14c_edited.jpg
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